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Pflugerville TX

When investing in residential properties, property management and leasing can be the difference between profits or losses. What makes Austin Rent A Home different is that our main goal is to provide investors with the best possible service at minimal costs. Austin Rent A Home is able to do this because it was founded by investors for investors. We aren’t Realtors looking for more ways to make money, we’re investors who obtained real estate licenses in order to streamline business and save money. Our philosophy is based on integrity and keeping it simple. You won’t find all of the frills here at Austin Rent A Home. All you’ll get is honesty, hard work, and useful personable service.

Investing/Purchasing Property in Pflugerville

In 1970, Austin was the 56th largest city in the USA. Today it is the 11th largest City in the USA. The Greater Austin area is growing, but it's spirit and bare-bones remain strong and therefore it should be a great place to purchase or invest in property. Pflugerville is just 17 miles North of downtown Austin. For the next 20 years Pflugerville should experience an overall increase in property values and rental rates can still be charged at cash flow rates faster than most cities. As long as this truth persists, I can tell you that your retirement, future or investment is most likely safer and more profitable with Real Estate in Pflugerville than your bank account, stocks or retirement funds. When people buy a house, how often does it turn into a worthless piece of paper?

Information About Pflugerville



Water - City of Pflugerville - 512/990-6100

Electric - City of Austin - 512/494-9400 or TXU 512/716-3943 depending on area of Pflugerville

Gas - Atmos - 888/286-6700 or Texas Gas 800/700-2443 depending on area of Pflugerville

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Austin Buy A Home 512/751-0544